Ways to fix annoying app crashes in your iPhone

Ways to fix annoying app crashes in your iPhone

iPhone apps can crash just like the programs of computer. Fortunately, crashes are very rare, but when they do happen, there is nothing more frustrating than that. After all, our phones are our primary communication tools nowadays and we require them to work perfectly all the time.

In the initial days of iPhone, app crashes often tormented the mail app and safari web browser. Since most of the people packed their phones with the third party apps installed from the app store, crashes can bang from any of the app. Due to that, you can see an immense increase in apple repair centres.

If you are countering frequent app inefficacy, here are some tips to get better stability

Restart the device
Sometimes the simplest step is the most productive one. You would be astonished to know that most problems on iPhone can be sorted out just with a simple restart. A restart can resolve a lot of fundamental problems that may pop up from daily use of iPhone.

Quit and re-launch the app
If restarting doesn’t work for you, try quitting the troubled app and re-launch it. Doing this, halt all the processes that are running and start them from scratch. If the app crash was caused due to some feature that went slightly wrong, this probably resolves the problem.

Update your apps
Keeping app updated is pivotal for maintaining stability of app and the cause is quite simple: developers detect bugs within their apps, fix them and update the app timely. In general, most of the users ignore app updates. However, in case you are facing any issue with a particular app, updating the app certainly will solve your issue.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app
Now what can you do if there is no update available? If you are evident about which app is troubling you but there is no updated version available for that, try uninstalling the app and reinstall it. A fresh installation of app could probably help you. If it doesn’t, you should keep this app uninstalled until the fix is done.

Contact the developer of app
If none of the above ways turn out in your favor, you need professional assistance. Contacting the developer of app is considered to be the best bet in this situation. There should be some contact information mentioned in the app. If there is none, you can see the app page in the app store that usually includes information of the app developers. With that, you can email the developer and report the bug to him; you are likely to get a useful feedback.

We are assured that above ways prove to be salubrious for you. If not, you can contact an apple repair centre which is always available to offer you the best services.

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