Tips to Solve a Phone Hung Issue

Tips to Solve a Phone Hung Issue

Every phone user, be it Android, iOS, or Windows, has at least once in his/her lifetime experienced a phone hanging/screen freezing problem. Almost every other phone owner complains that their phone is facing a hanging issue. Furthermore, there is a very incorrect conception among the general public that only low-cost phones face hanging problems. That’s not true. Even the most expensive iPhones have serious lag problems. Phone hanging issues may be due to several reasons, and some of them can be fixed right at our home. Next time your phone hangs or enters a screen freeze, try out the below mentioned solutions.

Delete Unwanted Data to Increase the Memory Space

The websites that we visit use cache to increase the loading speed of webpages. Our phones store data in the form of cookies and caches when we visit webpages. Delete this unwanted data to free up some memory space so that your phone has extra memory to efficiently run the applications you use. Go to Settings->Storage->Cached Data->Clear Cache.

Close All Simultaneously Running Applications

Phones start hanging or freezing when there isn’t enough memory to run the applications being used. Phones have limited memory space, and they tend to hang when their memory is overburdened. To offload this burden, you should avoid using too many applications at the same time. Moreover, many applications run in the background. Free the memory space by closing these apps.

Update All Applications

It is very important to ensure all your phone apps are up-to-date. Application developers keep releasing newer versions of their applications. Visit your respective app store and update your apps to the latest releases. The latest versions of applications are, many a time, designed in a way that they utilise less memory and CPU power.

Power Off Your Phone

It is a good idea to keep switching off your phone from time to time, as it refreshes your phone memory. When a phone is restarted, all undetected background processes and pieces of data that were earlier jamming up the memory space are eliminated.

Use an External SD Card to Save New Applications

Every phone has an internal and an external storage space. If you are someone who uses a lot of applications, use an external SD card to store the applications that you download. You can also consider moving all the already installed apps to the external memory. Using the external storage will free up your internal memory and storage space, leading to less phone hanging.

Switch Off and Remove Battery

If your phone has hanged, then switching off and removing the battery may be a good idea, though this may not yield any significant result. Removing the battery and the SIM will also allow you to clean the dust from the electronic touch points.

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