Simple Ways to Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

Simple Ways to Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

With summers around the corner, many of us will be heading to the beaches and so will be our iPhones. It’s not surprising to know that several cell phones reach their end at the bottom of oceans, ponds, buckets and even toilet flushes, and that applies to iPhones as well. It’s sad that our iPhones get dropped and damaged all the time. After broken screens, a fall in water is the most common reason for iPhone damage, and we understand how devastating that can be for the owner. Well, all’s not lost. Even if your iPhone takes a hearty dunk in a pool of water, there are some things that you can try right away to fix your water-damaged iPhone.

Get it out of water immediately!

Yes, that’s the first thing you should do when your iPhone takes a fall in water. Grab it as soon as possible and remove it from the water source. The longer your iPhone stays in water, the higher the chances of it being permanently damaged. The likelihood of your iPhone being okay significantly increases if you are able to retrieve it quickly out of water. Moreover, you should steer away from trying to plug in your iPhone after taking it out from water. If the waterlogged iPhone is still plugged in, carefully unplug it.

Switch off the power.

If your iPhone still has its power on after taking it out of water, switch it off as fast as you can, and if it is switched off, don’t try switching it on. Powering on your iPhone should be avoided to prevent a short circuit. In water submersion cases, short circuits are the usual culprits that are known to cause long-term damages to iPhones.

Dry off your iPhone.

The next step to follow is to dry off your iPhone and its parts, if removable. Take out all removable parts such as batteries and SD cards, and let them dry off. If your iPhone has a case or a screen guard, take that off as well. The aim is to dry off as much internal moisture as possible. You can try using desiccants such as silica gel and uncooked rice to soak away the moisture. Cover your phone completely in the desiccant, and leave it to dry for at least 48 hours.

Stay away from the blow dryer.

As tempted as you might feel, we advise you to not use the blow dryer, as it might make things worse. The heat generated from blow dryers can be too much for your iPhone. Blow dryers expel heat that might further damage the internal components of your iPhone, resulting in permanent loss.

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