iPhone Hang Issue Solution

Your phone freezes often? Mostly when you urgently need to access it?
A common issue faced by most phone users.

We at iRepair can fix any such issue as we are experts in servicing a hung iphone. Walk in to our store to unfreeze your iphone.

Our customers prefer us because of our quick turn around time.
While you sip a cup of tea at our store, we will have your phone ready.

Reason this happens? 
Well there could be many. Here are some tips to avoid a phone hung issue.

Keep your phone clutter free.
An iPhone usually stores the cache which ends up slowing down your phone. Keep clearing the cache weekly or tick the ‘auto-clear’ cache button in your iPhone.

Move installed apps to external memory
Moving your applications from your phone storage to your external storage or SD card. This frees up space and allows your phone to perform better.

Use external memory to store songs and other files:
SD card is your lifesaver. Make it your default storage for songs, pictures and all other documents you download.

Use the Cloud or Drive
iPhones have the option of saving your files on the Cloud which allows you to store on the internet without losing data and still have enough space on your phone to run apps faster.

Identify the apps that use up most amount of space
Once you’ve realised which app uses maximum space you can keep clearing the app based on how useful it is to you and how frequently you use it. If it is of high importance continuously cleaning the cache helps, but if it is not of high value it is best to delete the app and free up space.

Use factory reset option
If nothing works, try using the factory reset option. It deletes all apps and files that you downloaded and clears space. Before you do use factory reset make sure all your photos, videos and important files are backed up by the Cloud or the drive.

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