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I Repair Hub can fix any problem with your iPhone. From screen repair to fixing any internal hardware – all services under one roof.

I Repair Hub – your one stop shop for any iPhone or MacBook related problems.

  • iPhone hardware repair
  • iPhone software repair
  • iPhone LCD repair
  • iPhone motherboard repair
  • iPhone cracked screen repair
  • iPhone water damage repair
  • iPhone replacement glass
  • iPhone jack repair
  • iPhone display repair

Why choose I Repair Hub?

  • Premium Quality Sourced Parts
    Premium Quality Sourced Parts
  • Stringent Quality Checks
    Stringent Quality Checks
  • Exclusive iphone Repair Center
    Exclusive iphone Repair Center
  • 3 Month Warranty on each Service
    3 Month Warranty on each Service
Water Damage
Water Damage

Your phone just got a wash? Went to the restroom? Had a drink? Don’t panic! Need to repair your water damaged phone? iRepair can help you. We will tell you in 20 minutes if your phone can be repaired or not. Follow these tips as soon as your iPhone gets wet – take out its battery at … Read More

IPhone Screen Replacement
IPhone Screen Replacement

Need iPhone screen replacement? Don’t compromise on the quality. Get expert iPhone screen replacement service. Call us at +91-9871533702 to get a quotation and arrange for a pickup. Call us. Tell us your iPhone model. Get a quotation. We will pick up your device. Fix it and return it Check your phone and make a card or … Read More

Display Issue
Display Issue

iPhone screen flickering? A blank screen? Need a quick fix to your iPhone display issues? Call our experts at +91-9871533702 to get the first solution over the same call. If it still doesn’t work get your iPhone to us or arrange a pick up. Call us. Tell us your iPhone model. Get a quotation. We will … Read More

Phone Hang Issue
Phone Hang Issue

Your phone freezes often? Mostly when you urgently need to access it? A common issue faced by most phone users. We at iRepair can fix any such issue as we are experts in servicing a hung iphone. Walk in to our store to unfreeze your iphone. Our customers prefer us because of our quick turn … Read More

I Broke
I Broke

iRepair Hub can fix any Apple that you can break! We are a one stop shop for any Apple device repair and any type of repair – water damage, parts replacement, display issues, hardware problem or simple servicing. Our certified technicians believe in breaking their own turn around time record in fixing your iPhone and … Read More

Damage Parts Replacement
Damage Parts Replacement

Did you drop your iPhone? Did it meet an accident? Don’t worry as iRepair Hub can replace damage iPhone parts and un-damage what’s already damaged. From your iPhone home button to your iPhone’s display Get assured quality iPhone parts at iRepair Hub. Call us at +91-9871533702 to get a quotation and arrange for a pickup. Choose from … Read More

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