iPhone Water Damage Service Gurgaon

iPhone Water Damage Service Gurgaon

Your phone just got a wash? Went to the restroom? Had a drink?

Don’t panic!

Need to repair your water damaged phone? iRepair can help you.

We will tell you in 20 minutes if your phone can be repaired or not.

Follow these tips as soon as your iPhone gets wet – take out its battery at the earliest and keep it and cover open and separate. Do not use your hair dryer on it or don’t keep it in rice- not recommended. Do not switch on your phone and do not plug your iPhone as a wet phone and electricity are a bad combination.

Just call us at +91-8860380007 from any other phone and we will guide you further.

No phone available? Walk in our store and we let us take care of your it while you relax yourself with a cold glass of water. We do not charge if we cannot fix it.

Experts at iRepair Hub take care of a damaged iPhone and get it up and running. iPhones come to us in many conditions for repair. Some of the iPhones we have bought back to life were –

  • Dropped in toilet commode.
  • Got dipped in swimming pool.
  • Took a shower.
  • Got dropped in a drink.
  • Went into a washing machine.

We immediately send your damaged phone to our experts who check your phone in and out to first know what all have been damaged. The next check is to know what all can be repaired and if it cannot be repaired, which parts need replacement.

The motive is to let you know at the earliest as to how soon can your iPhone be returned to you in a working condition and the related charges.

You can also read through these Simple tips to fix a water damaged iPhone.

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