iPhone not turning on? Here is what to do

iPhone not turning on? Here is what to do

Nothing can be worst than a dead phone that’s not turning back on.  If you have an iPod, iPhone and iPad and find its display black even after pressing its power button multiple times, there can be a serious issue behind it. Almost every Apple user has encountered some issue during the lifetime usage of his phone. There can be a variety of issues that are behind the black and unresponsive screen you are viewing.

So how to know what has happened to your phone? You can try a set of tips and tricks to make your phone live again or can also get in touch with Apple service center in Gurgaon.

What to do if your phone is not turning on:

A ton of rationale can cause your phone to behave like a dead body including:

  • A glitch on IOS
  • Operating system corruption
  • Your device has lost all its power
  • Storage drive is damaged

Generally, a dead battery is responsible behind the awkward behavior of your Apple device and operating system corruption is likely to happen in one out of fifty cases. So what to do to make it working again, here is a list of tips you can try.

Reboot it:

Pressing down the power button for a lap of 10 seconds will be helpful. Prior to conducting this trick make sure you phone has enough battery level to support its functions. If this doesn’t work, don’t panic and try the next one.

A hard restart:

If soft reboot does not work, it’s time for a hard one! Tap the home button along with the power button to perform the same until you see an apple logo on the screen. This trick works in most of the cases despite your battery is not in critical or serious problem. Always keep in mind a hard reboot can also be beneficial for a frozen screen or improper functioning of the phone.

Feed your device with some battery:

Plug in the power source and let your device get charged for an hour or two. Sometimes hibernation also keeps your phone dead making it unable to power on. After putting it on charge, try to conduct a hard reboot again. Your device will most probably function properly.

Connect to the iTunes:

Connecting your device to your PC and checking for an update is another best thing you can do if it is still lacking in functionality. Check for the version of IOS you have already loaded with and look if some new updates are available or not.

What is the problem persists?

Now that you have tried all the possible, things it’s high time to get in touch with a reliable Apple service center in Gurgaon. Most of the people decide not to augment the warranties of their phones so the repairs from official Apple Service centers are extremely exorbitant and time taking. Instead opt for reliable Apple service centers in Gurgaon that offer economical services in less time with after-sale warranties.

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