I Broke

I Broke

iRepair Hub can fix any Apple that you can break!

We are a one stop shop for any Apple device repair and any type of repair – water damage, parts replacement, display issues, hardware problem or simple servicing.

Our certified technicians believe in breaking their own turn around time record in fixing your iPhone and iPad.

What all we fix

Damaged Parts
You dropped your Apple device? Your iPhone or iPad met with an accident? We are good doctors! Get your device to our emergency section quickly.

Water Damaged Devices
If you dropped your phone in water or any liquid got spilled on your phone, we are happy to ‘dry’ up your iPhone or iPad.

Camera or Speaker Repair
We ensure your Apple device can see, hear and speak. We have special technicians to fix any camera or speaker issues.

Screen Replacement
Your iPhones touch pad has trouble or is flickering? Walk in to our store and while you finish a cup of tea, we will get your phone ready.

Who we are?
iRepair Hub is a team of experts who are highly-trained and qualified technicians and certified iPhone repair experts. We are a quick fix and no fuss team. We ensure a quick turnaround time for your iPhone with superior quality service.

We only use high quality and certified parts for your iPhone and provide a repair service warranty.

  • Screen replacement in 60 mins
  • No hidden cost
  • Trained Technicians
  • Repair Service Warranty

How we work?

iRepair Hub’s technology centric iPhone repair service centre is at a convenient location and is accessible to everyone. If you are not able to visit our centre,call us – book an appointment – we will fix your iPhone – you can pick it up or we can drop it back.

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