A Quick Guide to Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life

A Quick Guide to Enhancing Your iPhone’s Battery Life

With coming days, our smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and are loaded with several fancy features that take tons of your phone’s battery. Whether you like it for working or playing, the battery levels are extremely important for a fully functional phone. Everyone gets scrambled whenever the battery percentage reaches to the ballpark of 5%. Well, the availability of a power source or a power backup isn’t an option for everyone. So here are a few tips that will assist your phone in proper power consumption, without any hustles of low battery every time.

Auto-brightness is a savior:

You must have encountered an option stating auto-brightness in your iPhone but never paid attention to it. Having your phone’s display on extreme brightness every time is the thing that is killing your battery life. If a hundred percent charged phone performs 10-12 hours in mild brightness, it will come down to 5-6 hours of usage. That’s a huge downfall, isn’t it? Set your phone with auto brightness so you don’t have to rush for brightness every time you step in the extreme sun.

Block power consuming apps:

Is your smartphone loaded with power consuming apps? A bulk of power consuming applications will definitely bring down your phone’s battery. If you find that you don’t need certain apps, simply block them or you can also them. This will directly impact your battery life by making it last longer.

Download instead of streaming:

These days streaming has become the new trend. Everyone is fond of watching videos and listening to music online rather than saving them in your smartphone. But you don’t need to go with the flow if you are into saving your battery. Most of the applications allow you to save these videos and audio files, so that you can play them on-the-go without turning on your internet connection.

Turn off wireless connectivity when there is a lag:

You might have paid attention that whenever you are at a place with low network coverage of Wi-Fi range, your phone’s battery starts draining rapidly. When you find yourself in the same scenario and want to save your battery for further usage, simply turn off your wireless connectivity or switch to the airplane mode.

If you are facing a regular issue in network connectivity, look for a company providing Apple iPhone repair services in Guagaon before the situation gets worse.

Disable location services:

Location services are renowned to churn out most of the battery from your phone. Check for applications that are using location services in the background. iPhones have a feature where you can choose which apps can use the data and which cannot. Put on hold location services when not in need. It will help you to maintain distance from a charging socket.

Tried the above mentioned tips, still lying in low battery? Get in touch with a reliable company that offers Apple iPhone repair in Gurgaon for a quick and economical battery replacement.

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